Radar Sensor with prior warning – mini

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Model No: 41313

The radar sensor is a mini indoor sensor with two high-frequency magnetic fields. It monitors the entire interior of the vehicle. This alarm sensor is ideal for protection of convertibles or to control various language modules and alerts. The approach of a person is reported. The operation of the radar sensor as an acoustic warning is on public roads is not permitted and is regarded as noise. It is supplied with the 3-pin cable and a glue pad.

Why is the "warning" on public roads is not permitted?
If an alarm an intrusion attempt acoustic report (warning), it is legally a disturbance and may be fined. Only when an intruder has actually taken place, an alarm may trigger an alarm of a maximum of 30 seconds.


  • RED: constant plus 12 volts DC (+)
  • BLACK: ground when activated (-)
  • WHITE: alarm output (-)


DIP switch 1

  • exterior alarm zone (about 0-3 m range)
  • adjustable via potentiometer 1
  • display via green LED
  • alarm output (-) of 140 mS duration

DIP switch 2

  • internal alarm zone (about 0-1 m range)
  • adjustable via potentiometer 2
  • signaling with red LED
  • alarm output (-) for 1 second

Alarm pause between two alarms: 2.5 seconds

LED display:

  • green LED lights constantly time: 17 seconds delay
  • green LED flashes: alarm external alarm zone
  • red LED flashing: alarm inner alarm zone


Technical specifications:

  • operating voltage: 12 volts DC
  • power consumption when activated: A 0.02 (+/- 0.005 A)
  • power consumption in the triggered state: 0,035 A (+/- 0.005 A)
  • operating frequency: 2.45 GHz. +/- 0.05 GHz
  • coverage: 2-3 m / 6-9 ft
  • warning / full alarm can be set separately via potentiometer
  • warning / full alarm be turned off separately via DIP switches
  • alarm output: warning 140 ms, full alarm 1 sec (ground)
  • maximum output current: 200 mA
  • delay time: 17 seconds
  • trip delay: 720 mS
  • dimensions sensor: 53 mm x 42 mm x 13 mm
  • mounting with double-sided adhesive pad


Installation instructions:

  • If you wish to connect multiple alarm sensors to an alarm input of the alarm system, you need to decouple each alarm line with a blocking diode (sold separately). This can cause false alarms.
  • The operation of the radar sensor mini as an acoustic prior warning outside the vehicle is not permitted on public roads.