GPS Tracking System with external GSM antenna

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Product features


The GPS tracking system with external GSM antenna is identically to the GPS tracking system without external antenna. The additional external GSM antenna is for armoured vehicles or cars with metal coated windows.

One of the best protections in the field of vehicle safety is the GPS tracking system of Ampire. The vehicle can be controlled anywhere and located where a GSM network is available. The vehicle owner may determine the location and driving speed of his vehicle at any time.

When an alarm is triggered by having an optional alarm system, the owner will be notified immediately by a message that is sent from the GPS tracking system to the mobile phone of the owner. These SMS can be configured either as a direct online link to Google Maps, or provides information about the position in the form of geographic coordinates.

If having a triggered alarm you can activate in addition to the mobile phone a motor blockage or trigger an alarm / siren. The motor blockade can either interrupt immediately while driving or automatically at the next stop of the vehicle. The system can be mounted separately or combined with an alarm system. In such cases, the GPS tracking system provides increased protection for the vehicle and informs the owner via SMS about the breaking in. The four-digit PIN (personal PIN code) protects against abuse of SMS control. The installation should be performed only by a specialist.


Selected option:

  • GPS Tracking System with external GSM antenna


  • SIM card reader accessible from outside
  • LED control light inform about GSM and GPS status
  • maximum switchung current of the internal relay 12 V DC/5A
  • switch output controlable via mobile phone (e. g. for auxiliary heating)
  • alarm input for optimal alarm system (Ground or 12 V)
  • confirmations SMS at activated alarm system possible
  • free and automatically display of the car position on an online map or directly without position input
  • alarm report up to three receiptions
  • individual text input of the alarm and status SMS possible
  • all options are can be changed with the mobile phone 
  • 4-digit PIN code protects the options
  • remote controlled immobiliser (instantly or at the next stop of the car)


Scope of delivery:

  • GPS trackiong system basic device with integrated GSM antenna
  • GPS antenna
  • cabling
  • manual (German/English)
  • short manual at the size of a credit card


Technical data GSM-MODULE:

  • Quad-Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • transmission power
  • class 4 (2 Watt @ GSM850/900MHz)
  • class 1 (1 Watt @ GSM1800/1900MHz)
  • integrated GSM antenna 900/1800/1900 MHz 

Technical data GPS-MODULE:

  • 20 channel receiver (L1 1575.42 MHz, C/A Code 1,023 MHz chip rate)
  • accuracy 2.5 m (CEP)
  • SiRF Star III Chipset (GSC3f)
  • hot start < 1 s (on average at open sky)
  • warm start 35 s (on average at open sky)
  • cold start 35 s (on average at open sky)
  • power consuption 160 mW at 3.3 V (max. power) 

Power supply:

  • 12 Volt DC 

Power consumption:

  • ready - the device is switched on and answers all SMS commands (GPS protection is turned off)d max. 20 mA
  • ready - the device is switched on and answers all SMS commands (GPS protection is turned on) max. 40 mA
  • standby - the device is switched off and doesn't answer any SMS commands 0mA 

Emergency power suppy (optional):

  • we recommend a maintance-free yellow battery 12 V/1,3 Ah, which supplies the device with power for 30–60 hours depenging on the operating condition
  • the battery charges automatically with the yellow wire


  • 72 g
  • 68 mm x 20 mm x 60 mm 


  • E-admission (E27*10R-03*1237*00)
  • CE
  • GSM certification from the BZT-ETS Certification GmbH

Important SIM card note:
The GPS system sends and receive only SMS. It uses a SIM card in normal size. Please order the automatically charge at the activation of the card. Please avoid E-Plus or O² SIM cards. We often have issues with these network operators. We recommend  D1 SIM cards from T-Mobile or Vodafone SIM cards.


Downloadlinks of the Smartphone-APP: