Cruise Control - Retrofit for Audi A4 8K

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Cruise Control - Retrofit for Audi A4 8K

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Product features

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Multi functional steering wheel available?:
  • Retrofit kit for installing the original cruise control in the A4 8K


  • Set the pace
  • Accelerate
  • Decelerate
  • Getting back to the pace you last stored

Selectable options:

  • Multi functional steering wheel available
  • Multi functional steering wheel not available

Scope of delivery:

  • Original control stalk
  • Steering Wheel cover


  • Please add data to your car above
  • Please keep in mind that you need to recode your ECU in order to be able to use the cruise control - this should be no problem for your Audi dealer
  • Suitable for vehicles equipped with Diesel engines or gasoline