Video in motion for VW MFD2, RNS510 / Skoda / Seat / Bentley

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Video in motion for VW MFD2, RNS510 / Skoda / Seat / Bentley

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Product features

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  • Specific module to use the video source/ TV Tuner while driving
  • Suitable for the following Volkswagen head units:
    • MFD2/ RNS2
    • RNS 510
    • RNS 810 (VW Phaeton)
  • Suitable for the following Skoda head units:
    • Nexus 16:9
    • Columbus
  • Suitable for the following Seat head units:
    • Navigation 16:9
  • Suitable for the following Bentley head units:
    • Navigation Bentley Continental GT (II) from 2011
  • TV in motion also available for the internal DVD drive of navigation RNS 510/ RNS 810
  • Plug & Play version

Selectable options:

  • With external Switch (For vehicles without multi-function steering wheel)
  • Without external Switch (For vehicles with multi-function steering wheel)


  • Please keep in mind that in some countries it's forbidden by law to watch TV while driving.
  • KUFATEC and the administrators of this website are not responsible for injury or damages in the case that this safety instruction is disobeyed