Navigation System Premium-Infotainment for Golf 7, piano black

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Model No: 41321
  • EAN: 4958043550012
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  • weight: 5,88 KG
  • Mount time: 2 hrs.
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With its huge 23 cm large display the premium infotainment system fits perfectly in a Golf 7. This system offers the latest navigation technology, all ports on the latest media and audiophile sound quality for your car. All components are perfectly adapted for installation in the existing installation locations and are seamlessly connected to the electronic systems of the vehicle. Perfect vehicle integration with premium components, coupled with performance without compromise.

Compatible vehicles (only for left hand drive):

  • Volkswagen Golf 7 VII* from 08/2012 - 02/2017 (5G1, BA5)

* not suitable for e-Golf, Golf Sportvan, Golf GTE, Golf 7 facelift and not for Active Info Display (AID)
* also not suitable for vehicles with PR number NZ4 (private emergency call)
Please note that some vehicle menus may be lost (eg traffic sign recognition)

High-resolution 23 cm touchscreen display
Setting new standards: The impressive thing about this system is the 23 cm display - a completely new standard for a display in the Golf VII dashboard. It is actually more than twice as large as the standard 16.5 cm Golf 7 display. This extra large screen glows with brilliant colors and high-resolution images in a quality that you have to experience.

Operation with multifunction steering wheel
This navigation system designed by Alpine communicates perfectly with the multifunction steering wheel of your vehicle. The upgrade to this system therefore works without loss of functionality and you can control volume, phone, title search forward / backward functions and other as usual. And if a smartphone is connected to the system, you can even activate the voice control via the steering wheel.

Parking assistant
If your car is equipped with original parking sensors, also this functionality is preserved when upgrading to the Alpine system. The parking sensor system is connected to the Alpine display to represent clear obstacles when parking the vehicle. At the same time the system automatically mutes the music, so that the acoustic parking sensors remain audible.

Rear view camera
If your Golf VII is equipped with the original rear view camera this will be integrated into the Alpine system. The camera is automatically activated and shown on the display when reverse gear. If your vehicle has no rear-view camera, we recommend retrofitting this useful option.

Vehicle settings
The original VW screen is needed for displaying and settting up vehicle settings and to display warning messages such as the oil level. The Alpine system is fully compatible with the electronics of the Golf VII. All settings, menus, and alerts are displayed and adjusted as usual.

Screen entertainment
With the Alpine navigation system you can watch movies, music videos or TV programs from many different sources, such as USB, DVDs with the optional optical drive, the latest smartphones with HDMI output or portable video devices (optional cables or adapters are required). Also video content from iPod or iPhone can be viewed on the high resolution 23 cm display in perfect quality. For your own safety the video playback is only possible while parking.

Bluetooth technology
Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth compatibility, it is possible to establish a wireless connection to a Bluetooth-enabled phone for hands-free calling.

Use your smartphone
The Alpine system is fully compatible with the latest smartphones. You can continue to use many advantages of your smartphone: You can use digital content such as music or video files and enjoy it on the huge display. Looking your phone book and charge your phone. Or use for maximum safety and maximum comfort voice control your Smartphone using the integrated vehicle speakers.

DAB+ Digital Radio
Radio receiver with superior digital sound quality. Integrated 1.5-fold DAB+ tuner. Always extremely accurate, transparent sound.

Professional sound tuning
The navigation system offers many options for sound tuning, so that you give the sound in your Golf VII a personal touch and get the best out of the Golf-sound system. The integrated dual parametric 9-band equalizer allows a separate professional tuning of the front and rear channels.

  • Equalizer presets: 10 equalizer presets allow rapid adaptation of sound to different sound modes such as Rock, Pop and Jazz.
  • Fader and balance: To fader and balance settings, drag the crosshair on the touchscreen display simply to the desired point of the vehicle interior shown.
  • Crossover: With the digital crossover you can define cut-off frequencies for your speakers. This ensures that the loudspeaker signals for each area are reproduced without distortion.
  • Digital Time Alignment: With the Time Alignment you can virtually compare the distances of each speaker by delaying the signals. This gives the impression of a central listening position.



  • High-resolution touch screen display & maps
    Use the virtual keyboard to destination addresses and all necessary navigation settings can be entered. You can enter postal codes for all European countries, making the search for addresses accelerated. The system even responds to incomplete addresses, and you can choose from 33 different keyboards for your language.

  • 3D maps
    View maps in 3D which are shown in detailed buildings and sights. This feature helps you find your way in big cities. The display of speed limits and speed camera warnings (optional) are additional driver assistance functions.

  • TMC route guidance
    Thanks to TMC traffic information is updated live. To help you plan your route before starting the journey. Use the route summary screen gives an overview of the entire route and can avoid traffic jams and problems easily. Accidents, traffic congestion and other problems appear with warning symbols on the map, while roads are represented with viscous or stationary traffic in different colors.

  • Lane assistant
    The lane assistant shows the driver the right lane and facilitates early filing in each lane.

  • One Look Display
    The innovative, split display can show the driver the navigation map and play at the same for example video or music content on the other side. This gives easy access to all information at a glance. This feature is especially handy for example on long car rides.

  • POIs (Points of Interest)
    You can search by category, the name, distance and other criteria for POIs. This is useful if you want to search for a specific restaurant or a gas station of a particular brand. Restaurant information include not only the address and the culinary direction, the phone number, which you can tap on the screen easy to precaution to reserve a table.

  • Arrow navigation display in the multifunction display (MFD)
    Display of navigation arrows in the multifunction display.

  • Extensive map database
    selectable from 48 European countries, 29 different GUIs and voice guidance

  • Map updates
    can be purchased anytime online at Free map update within 30 days after the first GPS fix from the navigation system. Updates can be purchased specifically by country and region. This saves money by bringing the update.

  • Smart routes:
    The system stores past traffic situations and uses this information to determine the best route depending on the time and day.


Accessories / optional extensions:

Optional CD / DVD Player
Upgrade your Alpine infotainment system with DVD and CD playback capability. Item number: 41323

You need additionally a GPS-Antenna: Item number: 33823



  • station memory: FM: 24 / MW: 6 / LW: 6
  • memory: Auto Memory Entry
  • search function: Manual / Local / DX Selection
  • station name display
  • RDS function: AF, TA, TP, PTY, PI, NEWS, RADIO TEXT

DAB + tuner

  • integrated DAB + tuner
  • DAB + / DMB support
  • SLS (Slideshow Service)
  • DLS (Dynamic Label Service)
  • DAB + DAB + service Following
  • FM-Linking (automatic DAB + / FM switch (when signal available))
  • channel memory: 18 Station presets
  • auto Ensemble / Service Storage
  • alphabetical transmitter search
  • service search
  • PTY search
  • phantom power for DAB antenna selectable (on / off)


  • integrated BLUETOOTH® module
  • wideband speech technology
  • speakerphone: HFP (Hands Free Profile) compatible
  • music Streaming: A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) compatible
  • music Streaming control: AVRCP (Audio / Video Remote Control Profile) Version 1.5 compatible
  • advanced BLUETOOTH® technology
  • connection: SSP (Secure Simple Pairing) support
  • custom Profile link: speakerphone and music streaming
  • phonebook: Automatic phonebook transfer
  • one-touch keys: 4 presets per phone
  • application of different phones: 5 different phones can be registered
  • multiple numbers: up to 5 phone numbers per contact can be displayed
  • device name Display
  • automatic answer
  • call list: dialed / received calls / missed calls
  • redial function
  • voice volume adjustment: Adjustable for incoming and outgoing calls
  • DTMF tone function
  • display the GSM signal strength
  • displays the battery charge
  • menu language: 24 menu languages
  • firmware can be upgraded

Navigation functions

  • maps: 48 countries (Western and Eastern Europe)
  • menu languages: 29 languages
  • voice guidance in 29 languages, 15 languages ​​for text-to-speech (TTS)
  • advanced address search
  • postcode search
  • free Search
  • search word pieces
  • advanced POI Functions
  • smart routes: use of historical traffic data
  • fast route calculation
  • extended route planning
  • ECO routing
  • 7 alternative routes to choose from
  • extended TMC mode
  • map display: 2D top view, 2D North, 3D
  • 3D city maps: 3D building views
  • display of height profiles
  • 3D Motorway interchanges: 3D display of motorway junctions
  • lane Guidance
  • tunnel mode
  • motorway mode
  • navi mix mode
  • text-to-speech
  • direct dial telephone from POI data
  • hybrid GPS sensor: GPS, gyro sensor, vehicle speed pulse

Sound tuning

  • subwoofer Level adjustable
  • subwoofer phase selectable
  • 4 V preamp (connecting cable optional)
  • equalizer: Flat, pop, rock, news, jazz, Electrical Dance, Hip Hop, Easy Listening, Country, Classical
  • dual HD EQ (9-band Parametric EQ (front / back separately))
  • 6 Channel Time Correction
  • digital crossover
  • customizable sound settings by vehicle
  • MediaXpander HD
  • source volume adaptable
  • download online sound settings
  • easy, step-by-step sound adjustment
  • "Alpine TuneIt app" ready


  • output power: Max. Power 4x 50 W High Power Amplifier
  • integrated premium quality amplifier for excellent sound
  • display: 23 cm (9-inch) capacitive WVGA High Resolution Display
  • white LED backlight
  • 50/50 Split Screen: Left / Right position changeable
  • touchscreen with Slide Function / drawing and scrolling
  • customizable favorites screen
  • 2 user profiles can be created
  • value Audiophiles Design
  • preamp: 3 PreOuts (4 V, front / rear / subwoofer) (connecting cable optional)
  • AUX-In: 1x A / V input (3.5 mm jack)
  • steering Wheel Remote Control
  • preparing for infrared remote control
  • navigation mix announcement
  • prepared camera connection for original Golf VII camera
  • rear view camera with instant-start function (Immediate display of the reversing camera at startup)
  • simple mode & Info Mode Display
  • visual EQ
  • live contrast adjustment
  • menu language: 24 languages ​​(for AV & Bluetooth), 29 languages ​​(navigation menu and voice prompts)
  • auto dimmer
  • anti-theft combination code
  • firmware updateable
  • connection for original Golf VII-free microphone
  • connection for motor antenna
  • remote turn-On
  • HDMI input & output (Special Alpine HDMI connection cable required)
  • HDMI extension box ready
  • Start-Stop Ready
  • compatible with iPod / iPhone
  • CAN-BUS connection port (UART - for SWRC, Sub-display & comfort indicator)

Mounting material

  • mounting bracket, wire harness and CAN bus interface for the complete installation
  • you need an additional GPS-Antenna


  • only for left hand drive
  • Please note that some vehicle menus may be lost (such as traffic sign recognition)
  • For vehicles with PR-No: NZ4 (private emergency call), this function will not be available on this retrofit